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Learn more about placements in Last Upsell
Learn more about placements in Last Upsell
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Last Upsell enables you to choose from two different placements, where and how your upsell offers will be displayed. You can even combine them and display each offer in a different placement to optimize your upsell strategy.

Pop-up on the Thank You page

A default option for new upsell offers. The offers are placed in the pop-up on the Thank you page. This pop-up is perfect for selling small accessories, such as spare batteries, phone covers, etc. The pop-up is able to display a lot of items with smaller thumbnails.


  • Allows to show a lot of offers with thumbnails

  • Customers can choose multiple items and pay for them at once

  • It's compatible with all payment methods

  • Very well customizable


  • Payment confirmation is required. If the order is paid e.g. by credit card, a customer has to enter information about the credit card again. This is unfortunately a Shopify limitation, we can't do much about it.

  • When the order is already fulfilled (e.q. immediately by some 3rd party fulfillment app) a pop-up is not shown as the item cannot be added anymore. For more details about the scenarios when the pop-up cannot be displayed click here.

What does the native Post Purchase offer look like?

This placement is displayed immediately after checkout, upsells are embedded in the specific post-purchase page. As this is a prominent offer with a large image, this placement is ideal for clothing, apparel, and other items, that are visually attractive and should be well visible.


  • Visually attractive and simple

  • Doesn't require entering payment details again - items are purchased immediately after clicking the payment button

  • Holds on the fulfillment until the customer approves/rejects the offer


  • Doesn't support a custom note field feature

  • Because of Shopify limitations, this placement won't surface:

    • If the store uses multi-currency checkout

    • Order is placed with local delivery

    • Order is paid with the alternative payment method

      • The customer chooses to check out with an installment service or a wallet service (such as Klarna, Affirm, AfterPay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, or Google Pay).

      • The initial purchase was made with a gift card or any payment method other than a credit card.

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