We know you're ready to complete your preseason paperwork and requirements for the school year. Check out this list of FAQs to see if your request is answered in one of our user guides.

We also invite you to visit the DragonFly Academy for Parents. This is an online learning center with videos, screenshots, and tutorials to help you master DragonFly.

Sometimes administrators at your school or association know your unique situation better than we do and can answer your questions. If you do not find your answer in these FAQs or DragonFly Academy, please be sure to reach out to them as well.

I'm an athlete. How do I link to my parents' accounts?

How do I access my list of eligibility requirements?

How do I upload a document for a requirement?

I'm having trouble uploading a physical. Please help!

How do I upload multiple pages for a requirement?

How do I upload the NFHS Sportsmanship form?

How do I know if my document upload was successful?

I'm not showing 100%. What do I lack to be eligible?

Does "Cleared For Play and Practice" mean I'm eligible to participate?

Where do I edit my sports or teams?

I am seeing duplicate profiles for my student. Please help!

How Do I Change a Misspelled Name on a Profile?

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