Why host a demo event?

The ultimate method to get your first reviews and pictures.

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Before you start hosting with Eatwith, we highly recommend to host a demo event.

A demo event is simply an experience you would host for guests, except you're hosting it for your besties. Choose friends and family who are good at providing constructive criticism and can help you take pictures for your new experience listing!

As your profile has no reviews yet, it’s also up to you to to fill your table. Your first event will need extra promotional legwork, so good pictures, reviews from friends are key!

Host your demo event the same way you would host your guests!

Have a look at our guides to learn more on how to host your demo event and how to promote it:

The demo didn't go as expected? That’s OK.  

If you can laugh about it, you can learn from it.  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at: support@eatwith.com.

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