You can edit anything you need in your experience by going to "My experiences" and clicking on “Edit”:

On the left hand side of the page, you can change:

  1.  Profile description (write as much about yourself as possible)

  2.  Description of the event (including the menu, number of guests, price, etc), 

  3.  Photos (please take high-quality pictures of food and location)

  4.  Place and amenities (the address of the event, etc). 

Simply click on which section you would like to change.

Guests like to book events with many photos and lots of detail, so don't hold back and put in as much as possible!
Once you’ve made the changes, just click on “Save" on the "Place and amenities" page. 

Note that changing the price, start/end time, min/max number of guests, instant booking or booking deadline will not automatically update your scheduled events. In order to do that, make changes to the scheduled events through your calendar.

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