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How to Generate a Private Program Enroll Link
How to Generate a Private Program Enroll Link

If you need a Program to be accessed only with a link, here's how you make that Program private

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If you want to send a unique link that allows enrollment into a private (unlisted) Program or if you would like to funnel your waves of enrollment into a specific Program, you can do this within your Program settings.

NOTE: Making a Program private means it will NOT be available on the public Enroll Form OR the Customer Portal; it can ONLY be accessed from the link.

Step 1 - Set The Program As Private

To achieve this, click the edit pencil on the Programs settings page on any Program. Click the "Advanced" settings and switch the toggle to the on position beside "Make private." Click "Save" to save the changes.

Step 2 - Copy The Private Link And Send It

There are two places where you can copy the private enrollment link.

Programs page:


Programs settings page in Enrollsy

Classes page:


"Classes" page

Regenerate Link

If you need to redo a private link, click the same button you want to copy. Underneath "Copy" is "Break and regenerate." This breaks the link and regenerates a new link.

NOTE: The old link will no longer work if you do a new one.

break and regenerate a private link in Enrollsy
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