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How to Create an Application Program Using the Enroll Form
How to Create an Application Program Using the Enroll Form

Need to set up a pre-registration Program? Here's how

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If you need students to fill out an application before they enroll in a particular Program, please follow these steps.

Enroll Form

Your Enroll Form (My Company > Forms > Enroll Form) should be kept very basic, meaning just the basic information you will want everyone to answer, regardless of what Program they are enrolling into. This will allow you to use the Enroll Form for enrollment into specific Programs and your Application Form.

The basic information you could add can include the following:

  • Account first & last name (the first name is always required)

  • Account email (always required)

  • Account phone (usually cell)

  • Account address (street address, city, state/province, and postal code)

  • Enrollee first and last name (always required)

  • Enrollee's birthdate and/or gender

Create Program Form

Step 3 of the Enroll Form is Program Selection. Here's where you can put specific questions about each Program you offer. In this case, you can create a Program Form named "Application," "Enrollment," or whatever.

How to create an Application-Only Program in Enrollsy

Add the custom fields in each Program Form (you can create as many as you want). If you need help creating fields, please check out the Enroll Form section of our Support Center.

Create Enrollment Period

Create a new Enrollment Period under the same name.

Create Program

Next, create a new Program with the Program Option of just the name (i.e., "Pre-Registration" or "Application."

How to create an Application-Only Program in Enrollsy

Create a new Program and follow these steps:

  1. Program Options - Add Program Name (created under Program Options) and Location(s)

  2. Enrollment Model - Keep under the Simple Enrollment Model. Only add Program dates if using Proration (see Pricing).

  3. Pricing - Use "Fixed Cost" and add any application or pre-registration fees. Add Proration if applicable.

  4. Enroll Form - Add any applicable information (enrollment dates or ages, prerequisites, coupon codes, documents, terms and conditions, welcome messages, and instructions). Be sure to add the Program Form you created under "Additional Program Fields" as such:

     How to create an Application-Only Program in Enrollsy
  5. Advanced - Add any applicable options.

Create Class(es)

Next, go to the Classes page and create a Class. You can have one with the same name as the Enrollment Period and/or Program plus others like "Reviewed," "Accepted," and "Rejected." These will allow you to organize the applications that have come in.

 How to create an Application-Only Program in Enrollsy

Add a capacity and dates (if applicable) and save. You can also create one class and duplicate it.

Test, Test, Test!

Next, test the Program by testing the Enroll Form. If you have made it a private link, it is ONLY accessible by that link. If not, you can use the link on the Program or the general Enroll Form link on the My Company page.

Be sure to test it logged OUT of Enrollsy (either in Chrome Incognito or another browser). See this article for more information about testing Enroll Form links.

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