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How an Admin Can View Activity Posts
How an Admin Can View Activity Posts

Parents, Clients, and Participants can post Activities to their Timelines. You can see them all!

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Admin users can easily view Activities that an Account Holder/Instructor/Admin posts on an Enrollee’s timeline.

1 - Enrollee Activity Page

Head to the Enrollees (Students/Children) page and click on the Activity tab. You will see a list of Enrollees based on your selected Enrollment Period at the top. Select the appropriate Enrollment Period and Enrollee to view the Activity Posts for that Enrollee.

2 - Activity Report

Head to the Reports page, then click on Activities. Choose the Location and Enrollment Period. Use the Filter button in the top right to select any of the following filters you need to generate the report:

  • Enrollee Timeline

  • Specific Activity or Activities

  • Start and End Dates

  • Posted by

  • Program Name

  • Class Name

See How to Create an Activities Report for more information.

3 - Activity Notifications

Click on the bell icon in the upper-right corner. If this is your first time setting up notifications, click "Check Notification Settings." If not, click the settings button on the right of "Notifications."

Follow the steps in this support article to set up notifications for one or more Activities.

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