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How to Sort Enrollees by Enrolled Date on the Enrollees Table
How to Sort Enrollees by Enrolled Date on the Enrollees Table

Need to know who enrollment with a certain time frame? Enrollsy lets you sort by the date someone enrolls.

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You can sort Enrollees on the Enrollee table by the date they enrolled. First, head to the Enrollees page on the left menu and follow these steps:

Step 1 - Check "Enrolled" Box

Click on the Columns button:

Make sure the box is checked beside Enrolled in the window that opens. Click Done.

select labels to see on Enrollee/Student page in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Enter Dates

Next, click the Filter icon (with the funnel). A new window will open. Click in the Enrolled blank, and a date window will pop up.

Filter by dates in Enrollsy

Enter the dates you want to filter by and click OK, then Done.

Example of date filtering in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Sort by Enrolled Date

The Enrollees will now be filtered by Enrolled Date. You will see the filter pop up beside the Filter button (example: "Enrolled"; see below).

Sort by date in Enrollsy

You can click the Enrolled button to sort Enrollees in ascending or descending order (see arrow below).

NOTE: The "Enrolled" filter will stay on until you delete it by clicking the "X" button.

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