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Create a custom financial Report using info from the Enroll Form

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One of the best ways to produce a report of account financials is to customize the Enrollee Table. The Enrollee Table contains the following information about each enrollment, student, and account that may be helpful for you:

  • Programs / Classes Enrolled

  • Payment Plan Type

  • Payment Plan Name

  • Type of Payment on File (Credit Card or ACH)

  • Account Balance

  • Any other fields collected on the Enrollment Form that you would like to include

Here's How

Step 1: Select the "Enrollee" Tab on the left side of your Admin Screen. Ensure you have the correct location selected (top right hand side of the screen) and Enrollment Period (Left Side of Screen) selected.

Step 2: Select "Columns" at the top left of the report to configure the data you want included in this report. Select Done.

Step 3: Save this unique selection of custom columns by selecting the "Views" button at the top left of the report. Save for future use.

Step 4: Sort the data to your hearts content by selecting the arrow next to each column.

Step 5: Once you have all your data prepared as you want it, you can print or export this report. To achieve this, select the records you wish to include (using the Select all checkbox or individual checkboxes to the left of the table) and then click the download or print icon.

print custom reports in Enrollsy

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