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When you log in, you will be on the Activities page. Click on your name at the top right and click on "Classes." See below for all that you can do on this page.

List of Classes & Students

Click on the down arrow beside the first Class to see a list of all your Classes.

viewing classes in Enrollsy teacher app

Click on a Class to see the list of Students.

view students in classes in Instructor portal in Enrollsy

Enrollee & Account Information

Click on an Enrollee to view or edit their information. Here, you can view or edit the Enrollee's timeline of activities, student information, and Account information. Click on "Student" to view the following:

  • Enrollments (current and archived)

  • Program form questions

  • Student image (if added)

  • Student information from Enroll Form

view student information in the Instructor app in Enrollsy

Click on "Account" for information on the Primary and Secondary Account Holders, including any emergency contact information and/or release contacts.

Filter Classes

You can also filter the Classes by clicking "Filter" at the top. You can filter by Instructor, Class name, Program name, schedule, or time.

filter classes in Enrollsy instructor portal

Other Enrollment Periods

To see other Enrollment Periods (current and archived), click on the down arrow beside the active Enrollment Period and check the box beside the period you want to view.

view enrollment periods in Enrollsy instructor portal

Calendar View

The default view is the List view for Classes. Click on the calendar icon to see Classes in calendar view.

calendar view of classes in instructor app in Enrollsy

For Frequently Asked Questions, see Instructor FAQs

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