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How to Use the Enrollsy Instructor App
How to Use the Enrollsy Instructor App

Learn how Instructors can use the app to see Classes, send Texts, log Activities, and more!

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If you’re using Enrollsy and instructors or other staff who interface with your Enrollees and wondering how Enrollsy can help close some communication loops in your processes, look no further than our Instructor App. If you need help setting up instructors so they can use the app, please head over here.

View & Filter Classes

On the Activities page, instructors can see a list of all their classes. They can also filter their Class (es) by clicking on the top Class. Here are the various ways Instructors can filter:

  • Class Selection Lists & Multi-Lists - If your Programs are set up with the Multi-List option or your Classes set up with the Class Selection option, those options will be at the top of the filter window:

    class selection and multi-list filters in Enrollsy instructor portal

  • Date -See Enrollees in any given class who may have different schedules

  • Class - View one Class at a time

  • Program Options - View Programs by your customizable Program Options (i.e., Schedule, Day, etc.)

class filters in Enrollsy instructor portal

Enter/Exit Classrooms

Instructors can enter and exit classrooms. Entering/Exiting a classroom records their presence in the room. You will notice that when an Instructor has entered a classroom, they count towards the Instructor to Enrollee ratio for that room. We’ll talk about how to get Enrollees checked in and added to the ratio in a minute.

Entering a classroom in the Instructor App in Enrollsy

Send & Receive Texts

Instructors can text Account Holders and receive texts from Account Holders on the Activities page. Instructors can only group text Account Holders from the Classes page, one Class at a time.

Texting primary account holders from the Enrollsy Instructor App

You can also call the Primary or Secondary Account Holder via the phone icon.

Log Activities

That brings us to the next feature, Activities. Instructors can log one or many activities at once. At the top is the Class name, then you can choose the Activity under “Activity Selection.” Underneath is the list of Enrollees. Click the checkbox beside each Enrollee for whom you want to post the Activity.

activity page in Enrollsy Instructor portal

Check-In/Out Activity

We’ll start with everyday Activity, checking in and out. To achieve this, we have a dedicated check-in/out page.

The Instructor icon in the top right is a menu. Click it, and you’ll see the check-in/out page. Here you’ll see a list of Enrollees available for check-in and/or check-out, depending on which of those activities was last logged.

Check-in/out page in Enrollsy's Instructor App

As a side note, activities can be posted by Instructors, Admins, and Account Holders, and the name of the person who logged the Activity, as well as the date and time stamp, will be recorded in the Enrollee’s Activity Timeline.

Logging Other Activities

There is much more you can do with activities, so let’s head back to the Activities page and look. The activities page lets you log Activity to one, some, or all the Enrollees at once.

Check the Enrollees you want to log Activity for, or the Select all box at the top, and then choose the activity type (Enrollees do not have to be present or checked-in for you to log activities to their timelines).

Photo Example

I’ll pick a photo. If you’re using this app, the photo option allows you to select from your photo library or take a new photo. Each Activity allows for a note as well.

Log a photo in the Activities page for one or many enrollees at once

Health Check Example

You can also log other activities unique to the student, like a health check. To accomplish this, click the info icon next to their name. Select a health check from the activity picker and then answer the questions.

When you’re done, click post. This view, of course, allows you to see the student’s timeline as well.

Health checks in Enrollsy's Teacher App

View Information

Within the Activity page, you can also see the Enrollee and Account info collected during enrollment. Just click on the info icon to view this information.

view student and account info on the Enrollsy instructor app


That about summarizes what you can do with the Instructor app. You can use the app straight from the Apple App or Google Play Stores or sign in to

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