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How to Give Instructors Access to Edit Classes
How to Give Instructors Access to Edit Classes

If your Instructors need to view or edit Classes, here's how to give them access

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Instructors can view Enrollees who are enrolled in their Class(es). They can also see Enrollees' Account information. However, they can only manage Classes they are either assigned to or have all access to.

Add to Classes or Access All Classes

You will need to make sure the Instructor is added to the Class(es) on the Classes page. See this support article for how to add an Instructor to a Class. Instructors can also have access to all Classes. Just select the box "Can access all Classes" under Roles:

Manage Classes Permission

You will also need to make sure that within their Role, they have the permission "Manage Classes" (as seen below) selected so that they can edit Classes:

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