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How to Resend the Enrollment Confirmation Email
How to Resend the Enrollment Confirmation Email

If your customer says they didn't receive a confirmation of enrollment, it's easy to resend it

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Do you need to send a Customer another email confirmation of their enrollment? Follow these steps:

Resend Confirmation Email

Search for the Enrollee's name on the top search bar or the Enrollees page. On the Enrollee's Name under the current Enrollment, click the "Actions" button and a message will pop up, "Re-send enrollment confirmation." Click that, and an email confirmation will be sent to the Primary Account Holder's email address.

Preview Email

If you want to preview the enrollment confirmation email, you can temporarily change out the Primary Account Holder's email with yours. Then re-send the email, and you can see what you are sending them. Just don't forget to go back in remove your email address and re-add theirs. Don't forget to click "Save" as you're making changes.

How to resent an email confirmation in Enrollsy


If the Customer still has issues with receiving the confirmation email, there may be a problem with their email address. Click here to find out what to do.

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