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How to Create Calculated Fees
How to Create Calculated Fees

Learn how to add fees that allow an Enrollee to select a quantity and be charged at enrollment

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Calculated fees allow you to set a price per unit (i.e., T-shirts are $10 each). It also allows an Enrollee to select a desired quantity at enrollment (i.e., Account Holder enrolls two Enrollees and needs two T-shirts, or maybe they want four, and that's fine too!). The total is then calculated on the Enroll Form. The Enrollee can also change the quantity on the Enroll Form.

How to Create a Calculated Charge Item

Head over to the Items tab (on My Company page). Click the blue plus in the top right next to the Charge Items. Name it and click the boxes next to the Item types that apply, then click "Save." Be sure to select "When purchasing this item, quantity can be specified" under Quantity.

How to Add the Calculated Charge Item to a Program(s)

Head over to the Programs tab (on My Company page). Click on the pencil icon of the Program you need to add the fee to, OR select multiple Programs and click on the Bulk Update button (see below).

bulk update programs in Enrollsy

Once in the Program Editor, scroll down to the Pricing section and to the heading "Program Enrollment Fees." Here you will see a blue +/- button where you can add (or remove) Charge Items (also called "Enrollment Fees" since they are attached to at least one Program and viewable at enrollment).

In our example (see below), we add a T-shirt Charge Item to a Program. Once you add it, you can put in the amount of each item (i.e., $10.00 per shirt).

Be sure to click "Save" to save any changes made.

The Calculation Fee on the Enroll Form

On the Enroll Form, this fee will be listed along with any other fees and will default to "1" quantity. If the fee is required, it will automatically be checked (and cannot be unchecked). If the fee is optional, it will be unchecked and will need to be checked to be added. The Customer can edit the quantity as needed.

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