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How to Add Transportation with Limited Capacity
How to Add Transportation with Limited Capacity

Learn how to create a Program and Class to transport your Enrollees

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Instead of creating a Charge Item as you might typically do for extra fees, for a Transportation fee with limited capacity, you would need to create a separate Program and attach a Class with a capacity limit. Here is how:

Step 1 - Charge Item

Create a Charge Item on the Items page by clicking on the blue plus button. Add a " Transportation " charge or whatever you want to call it. Make sure it is "required" and "excluded from Payment Plans" and any other options you require.

add a transportation charge item in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Program Options

Create a Program Option/Program Name called "Transportation" or something under "Program Options."

add transportation program option in Enrollsy

Add a Program and fill in the Program Options you just created:

add program options for transportation in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Enrollment Model

Under the Enrollment Model, choose Simple Pricing and the days the transportation runs:

add enrollment model for transportation program in Enrollsy

Step 4 - Pricing

If transportation is free, leave the pricing on "Free." If there is a cost, choose "Fixed Cost" under Program Cost and enter the amount of the fee:

pricing for transportation program in Enrollsy

Step 5 - Enroll Form Instructions (optional)

Decide if you want specific instructions/descriptions on the Enroll Form at enrollment. This can be created under the section "Enroll Form." This message will override any Program instructions on the My Company page.

transportation description in Enrollsy

This is how the overriding message looks on the Enroll Form when someone enrolls in the Transportation Program:

transportation description on enroll form in Enrollsy

Step 6 - Create the Class with Capacity

Head to the Classes page and click "Add a Class" to create a Class within the newly created Transportation Program (it can be the same or a different name). You can add an Instructor (or not).

Be sure to add your capacity. This is how many Enrollees can be transported for the year. You can optionally add a start/stop time and or dates.

transportation with a capacity in Enrollsy

That's it! Now, Enrollees can enroll in your Transportation Program!

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