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How to Mark a Required Document as Completed
How to Mark a Required Document as Completed

Learn how to upload, mark as complete, or replace an existing Required Document or

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Required Documents in Enrollsy must be filled out and/or uploaded by a Customer (Account Holder/Enrollee) OR uploaded by an Admin User.

A Customer can either download a Required Document in the Customer Portal OR send it to an Admin User (via a hard or digital copy). Admins can easily upload it to that person's Account in Enrollsy. Here's how:

Upload Document

On the Documents page (Enrollees > Documents), find the Document you need to upload. To learn how to filter Documents, see this support article.

Hover over the Document and click the green button (see below) to upload the Document.

upload document and mark as completed in Enrollsy

NOTE: If you receive a printed copy of the Document, use a scanner app to scan it on your phone and email or text it to yourself to download onto your computer. One of those apps is Genius Scan, available on Google Play or Apple App Store.

Once the Document is uploaded, it will be marked as complete on the Account.

completed document in Enrollsy

The Document can then be downloaded by clicking on the Document title:

download uploaded document in Enrollsy

Mark a Document as Completed

If a Customer brings in a hard copy of a Document that does NOT need to be uploaded to Enrollsy, all you need to do is label it as completed. Click the green button on the Document to mark it as completed (if you can't see the green button, hover over the Document).

mark document as completed in Enrollsy

Replace a Document

If you want to replace a Document with another one and no longer need access to the one uploaded, hover over the Document and click the red X in the Document at the bottom. This will allow you to upload a new one in its place.

replace a document in Enrollsy

Delete Document

Clicking the trash can icon will delete the entire Document record. Only do this if you DO NOT require a history of this Document and no longer need it.

delete document record in Enrollsy

NOTE: If you delete a Document record, to get it back, you will have to add the Document to that profile again.

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