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How to Get Your Customers Started with Enrollsy
How to Get Your Customers Started with Enrollsy

Learn more about how Account Holders can enroll, access their account, complete documents, make payments, and more!

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You're new to Enrollsy and need to get your Customers up and running with the software. The following is all the information you need to get your Customers (a.k.a. Account Holders/Parents/Enrollees) signed up and signed in to Enrollsy.

NOTICE! Instructions Template for your Customers

We have put together an Enrollsy Customer Instructions Template that you can copy and customize to your company and send out to your Customers. This template includes the following:

  • How to download the app

  • How to sign in using links

  • Password reset link

  • Tips (who to contact if their email address changes, what to do if they forget their password, etc.)

  • Enrollsy Orientation (links to helpful support articles)

  • How customers can contact Support (which is to contact a company admin first)


Customers have multiple ways to enroll:

  • Enroll Form link

  • Enroll Form embedded on your company website

  • Browse link

  • Private Program link

  • Customer App/Account Sign-In link

See the following article for more information on how to send out the Enroll Form link:

The following are articles you can send directly to your Customers to assist them with enrolling:

Account Access

Customers have two ways to access their account (they must already be enrolled to sign in):

  1. By downloading the Enrollsy app
    - Apple App Store
    - Google Play

  2. Through a browser - we recommend Chrome or Safari. The link they use is called the "Account Sign In" link and it is located on your My Company page under Links.

NOTE: Customers CANNOT sign in on Enrollsy's website. However, you can embed the Enrollsy Customer sign-in page onto your company website.)

Check out these articles for Admin assistance:

To assist your Customers, you can send them these support articles:


E-signature Documents, after uploaded, mapped to the Enroll Form, and attached to Programs, are emailed to the customer automatically after enrollment. They can also be sent manually by Admins. Click here to read more about E-signature Documents. This support article shows Customers how to receive and complete E-sign Documents.

After being uploaded and attached to Programs, required documents appear in the Customer Portal on a red banner at the top (for Documents needing to be uploaded or downloaded). You can learn more about Required Documents here. Here's a support article that explains how Customers can download or upload a Required Document.

Some other Documents/Forms available in Enrollsy:

  • Program Forms show up on the Enroll Form under the Program selected.

  • Activity Forms are added to a specific Activity, which is added to the Enrollee timeline and viewable on the Activities page in the Customer Portal.

  • Content can include Documents, links, photos, or videos added to a Program. Content can be viewed on the Content page in the Customer Portal.


Customers should navigate to the Home page in the Customer Portal to do the following:

  • Make payments

  • Change bank/card information

  • View Payment Plans & Invoices

  • View or print Transaction history

  • Print Receipts

  • Print Transaction summary statement (typically used for taxes)

  • View Credit balance

  • Purchase a Gift Card

  • Cancel a Class (if this setting is turned on)

Update Information

  • Contact Information: Customers can also update their contact information on the My Account page in the Customer Portal. Customers can view this support article for more details.

  • Payment methods: Payment methods (bank and/or credit card information) can be updated on the Home page under "Payment Info on file." This support article gives detailed instructions.

  • Program Forms: Program Forms are questions on the Enroll Form that are attached to specific Programs. They show up in the Customer portal under My Account > Enrollee tab > Enrollments:

  • Activities/Activity Forms: Activities are found under "Activities" in the menu and then under the Enrollee's name. There is a drop-down of available Activities that Account Holders are allowed to post. Activity Forms are attached to specific Activities.


Activities are recorded on Activity Timelines under each Enrollee. They are available, not only in the Customer Portal but also in the Instructor Portal. Activities can include any of the following examples:

  • Default Activities: Check In/Check out, Absent/Present, Health Check, Photo, Note, or Room Transfer

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Snack

  • Immunizations, Vaccine Card

  • Food Allergies

  • Incident Report

  • Student Progress Report

  • Homework Assignment

  • Lesson Plans or Daily Sheets

  • Assessment Form

  • Internal Intake

  • Student Size Information (T-shirt size, etc.)

  • Reminders (Clothing, Mailbox, etc.)

  • Announcements (Birthdays, Events, etc.)

  • Zoom Invite

  • Class Attendance

  • Withdrawal

  • Behavior/Discipline Report

See this support article for how to create a custom Activity. To assist your Customers, you can send them these support articles:

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