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Enrollsy requires 2-Factor Authentication through the industry leader

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Enrollsy requires 2-factor Authentication (2FA) for all Admin and Instructor accounts. We believe anyone with access to information that is not their own should be required to verify their identity.

How 2FA Works

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) requires the user to prove they are who they say they are by entering something set and known by only the user, a password; but, it also requires a second step (or second factor) which is they must enter a code from something they possess. Our 2FA process allows users to decide what method is best for them and includes:

  • Auth0's Guardian App

  • Google Authenticator

  • SMS

  • Email

Once the user has entered their username and password, they will be prompted to prove their identity by entering a code sent to their device/email account. This code is only valid one time for a short period of time.

Other Identity and Authentication Security Benefits

Enrollsy also scours the internet and data breach reports for known username and password breaches. If a user tries to sign into Enrollsy with a username and password known to have been used in a breach, that login will be blocked, and the user will be emailed a request to reset their password.

In this way, Enrollsy gives its client's customers additional security benefits while accessing their accounts and data.

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