How to Reset the MFA (Authentication)

Learn how to reset Enrollsy's Multi-Factor Authentication

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A common reason to do this is if an Admin user or Instructor gets a new phone or changes their email address. Another Admin User will have to do this for an Admin, or if you only have one Admin, contact Enrollsy, and we can reset your MFA.

How to Reset MFA

To reset an instructor's multi-factor authentication (MFA), follow these steps:

  1. From this page, edit the Admin or Instructor you want to reset in the drawer on the right.

  2. Click "Authentication," then click the reset Multi-Factor Authentication refresh icon:

resetting MFA in Enrollsy

Log In to Enrollsy Again

Troubleshooting Auth0 Guardian App

If you chose the "Auth0 Guardian" app as your two-factor notification and did not save the passphrase/recovery code, see this article under "Recovering Codes" for assistance in resetting the app.

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