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How to send a Zoom (or other meeting) link in a Class reminder email
How to send a Zoom (or other meeting) link in a Class reminder email

Need to automate the sending of a meeting link before a class?

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Are you using Class reminders to send Zoom links?

The Old Way

Before Aug 21, 2022, the only way to do this was to add the link to the Class Description (see below). This was a problem because the Class Description could be seen at the time of enrollment. Theoretically, someone could copy the Zoom link and not enroll.

The New Way

We've updated Enrollsy to fix this issue. You can now add a separate Class reminder message!

Your Class description can still be entered where it was in the past (see below). As always, it will be visible at enrollment and sent in the enrollment confirmation email.

Adding a Class Description in Enrollsy

However, you can now add a separate custom message to the email reminder. This is where you would want to put your Zoom link (see below):

Adding a Zoom (or other meeting) link to a Class Reminder in Enrollsy

To create the link, highlight the text, then click the link icon (to the right of the "underline" icon) and enter the Zoom meeting link:

insert zoom link in Enrollsy class reminder email
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