Step 14: Create Program Options

Design the options to present to Enrollees to funnel them into the correct Program

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Understanding Programs

Simply put, programs are what Enrollees enroll into. The Enrollment process collects information about Enrollees and funnels them into the right Program in which to enroll.

These programs look different for every company, but they generally are organized by name, schedule, and time. Typically there are capacities set to limit the number of enrollments for each Program. Many Programs additionally house Classes within their own capacities, which is a way to further organize Enrollees.

Keep in mind that the term "Program" can be changed to whatever suits your needs or best explains your Company's setup.

What Are Program Options?

Program Options are the options presented to Enrollees to funnel them into the correct Program during the enrollment process. To understand how to create and order these Program Options, let’s take a deeper look into the Program selection process.

The Enrollee is presented with two options that are pre-set for every enrollment. The remaining options are completely customizable based on your needs. You can add as many options as you need. The order of options goes like this:

  1. Location (pre-set option)

  2. Enrollment Period (pre-set option)

  3. After these two pre-set options, the rest of the options are completely customizable under the settings section of the Program page

Creating Program Options

To create Program Options, select the Programs tab from the banner across the top of the screen. Select the "Manage Program Options" icon to create Program Options. You’ll select the + icon to begin.

  • First, create a Label for the Program Option you would like to add. An example could be "Program Name," "Schedule," or "Time."

  • From here, select the + icon under the option name and begin creating a list of all the possible options.

  • If you don’t get the order just right, you can rearrange the Program Options by clicking on the 6 gray dots to the left of the Program Label and dragging them into the correct order.

    NOTE: The order of the white squares will be the order they are presented to the Enrollee to help them select the correct program.

  • TIP: Think of this phase as preparing all of the condiments and toppings for a sandwich. You’ll begin piecing the sandwich together in the next step when you create your Program. For now, just make sure you have all of your options created.

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