Step 15: Create Programs

Design the Programs you want your customers to Enroll into

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The goal of this step is to create all of your programs within a given Enrollment Period.

To do this, select the spaceship icon at the top right of the screen and the Programs tab at the top of the screen. From here, walk through the following steps to create your Program:

The Set-Up

  • Select the Enrollment Period you want to add your Program to. You’ll make this selection at the top left-hand side of the screen. To learn how to make a new Enrollment Period, read here.

  • Ensure your Enrollment Period is inside a published Location.

  • Make sure your Enrollment Period itself is published.

select enrollment period in Enrollsy

Select the + icon to create a new Program. Now, let’s begin!

Program Options

  • Create an internal nickname for the Program if you would like.

  • Now’s the time to piece together the Program options you created in Step 14 to create your Programs.

    program options in Enrollsy

Enrollment Model

Depending on what your enrollment process looks like, you’ll want to select the correct Enrollment Model for your Program. For a more detailed breakdown, read How to create a Program.

  • Simple Pricing Model - Use this if your pricing is not determined by days of the week or Class selection. (If pricing is determined by this, use one of the following two models)

  • Days per week Model - If you want to create rules around minimum and maximum days allowed and determine the corresponding pricing, this model is for you.

  • Classes Model - Allow Enrollees to pick their Classes and set pricing logic based on Class or number of credits.

  • Lastly, select which days the Program runs or leave blank if the Classes run on a variety of days.

enrollment model in Enrollsy


Select which Payment Options you would like available to Enrollees:

  • Free - If you do not charge for your program, then simply select Free, click save, and then you’re done! Move on to the next step.

  • Fixed Cost - Select this option if your Program collects Installments, Scheduled Payments, and/or Pay-in-full Options.

    • Next Step: Enter the total cost of the Program and then select one of the following Payment Plans (unless you don’t want a payment plan option)

      • Installment Plan - The total price is invoiced immediately, but the balance is paid over time.

      • Scheduled Plan - The total price is split into payment events due on specific dates.

      • Subscription Plan - The price of the Program and/or Class is invoiced and paid on a fixed frequency that recurs starting on the date of enrollment.

    • Subscription - Use this option if your program has repeated payments from the date of enrollment with no pay-in-full option.

pricing in Enrollsy

After you have selected which Payment Options you would like for Enrollees, you'll begin to add in the Charge Items you created previously, as well as the specific Charge Item amount.

Note: If you have selected the Classes Model and decide to have pricing determined by class, rather than program, you will do this in Step 16.

Within the pricing section, you will also have the opportunity to create automatic discounts for your customers. Simply select the dollar sign symbol next to whichever charge item you would like to attach a discount.

To learn more about how to add Discounts to a Program, read here.

Enroll Form

Enroll form settings in Enrollsy


Make the following selections:

  • Make Private - Hide this Program from the public Enroll Form, meaning only those with a private link can enroll in this Program.

  • Allow Cancellations - Account Holders can cancel their Class or Program from within their portal.

  • Uses Kiosk Pin - Primary Account Holders are able to create a pin for check-ins and outs using their portal.

  • Meta Data - Store information about a Program that may not otherwise be stored inside Enrollsy. This information can be used in E-Signature Documents that will come into play with future software integrations.

  • Zapier Segments - Integrate Zapier segments with your Programs. Read How to add Zapier segments to Programs for more information.

  • Select Add at the bottom of the page to save your work!

advanced settings in Enrollsy
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