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How to Hide a Class or Program on the Enroll Form
How to Hide a Class or Program on the Enroll Form

How to stop enrollments for one or more Classes or Programs

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Depending on your use case, there are various ways to hide Programs or Classes on the Enroll Form and basically stop enrollments.

Stop ALL Enrollments

To stop ALL enrollments in every Enrollment Period, you can do BOTH of the following:

This will keep customers from enrolling in the portal and using any enrollment links. You will also need to be sure to delete any enrollment links published on your website or other places.

Stop Program Enrollments

To stop one or more Program enrollments, again, you can unpublish the whole Enrollment Period IF ALL the Programs in that Enrollment Period are ones you want to stop enrollment in.

If there are some Programs in the Enrollment Period you would like to continue enrollment; you have some options:

Stop Class Enrollments

To end enrollments in one or more Classes, you will need to reduce the Class Capacity to equal the number of Enrollees currently enrolled. Click here to find out to change your Class Capacity.


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