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Reasons Why Classes Do Not Appear on the Enroll Form
Reasons Why Classes Do Not Appear on the Enroll Form

Classes Pricing Model allows Enrollees to choose their own Class(es)

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Most likely, your Program is not set up on the Classes Enrollment Model.

The Classes Enrollment Model applies pricing based on a specific section or assignment and allows Enrollees to select their Class(es). Check out the following for more information and how to set this up on your Programs:

If the above solution does not correct the issue, it may be one of the following:

  • You may be in the wrong Enrollment Period, or the Enrollment Period has not been published. Learn how to publish an Enrollment Period here.

  • No Classes have been created yet. Create a new Class or duplicate a Class.

  • No Capacity has been added to the Class (es) in the Program. See this article to add Class Capacities.

  • Capacities equal Enrollees or set to "0." If you have zero capacity, the Class will not show up on the Enroll Form. The same if your capacity equals the number of current Enrollees in the Class. NOTE: A Program's capacity is equal to the Class(es)'s total Capacity.

  • Changes were not saved. Many pages in Enrollsy support auto-saving. But, there are a few pages where changes you make need to be deliberately saved.

  • The Program the Class is in is private. Customers MUST use the private link to enroll in private Programs. They CAN NOT enroll in the Customer portal when enrolling in private Programs. You can find out more here.

  • The Program Options for a private AND public Program are the same. By "Program Options," we mean the options you give like "Program Name," "Schedule," "Days," etc. If any of your private AND public Programs have the SAME options (especially the same name), only one will appear on the Enroll Form. NOTE: Nicknames are not seen by customers so they CAN be the same.

  • You may have the Enrollment ends on date that is set in the past. Find out more about the “Enrollment ends on” date.

  • The dates the Class runs are in the past. Change these by clicking the pencil icon beside the Class's down arrow. Scroll to "When does Class happen?"

Is there something else not showing up on the Enroll Form? See this Troubleshooting article for more reasons why certain items are not showing.

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