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View some real-life examples of Activities that can be used in the Customer Portal or Instructor Portal

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Activities are recorded on Activity Timelines. These historical records are not deleted and are available to the Admin, Teacher, and Customer Account views of Enrollsy and the apps. Here are a few things to make a note of:

  • Activities appear within the context of these three entities:
    - Enrollee
    - Instructor
    - Class

  • Activities have a display order. The display order on this page is everywhere throughout Enrollsy and in the Teacher and Customer Apps. You can easily change the order by clicking on the six dots to the left of an Activity's icon and dragging it up or down.

There are endless potential uses for activities. Here are a few ideas/examples of Activities we've seen our clients use:

Size Chart

You may want Enrollees or Account Holders to tell you their size (i.e., Summer Camp attire).

Progress Report

Many schools send out Student Progress Reports. Create a "Progress Report" (or whatever you prefer to call it). Include an Activity Form with questions or a "File Upload" field.


Create a Homework or Assignments Activity and add an Activity Form that has a long text field to enter the homework assignment and a date field for the due date.

Make Ups

Add an Activity Form that includes a simple question, "Why did you miss class?" with a text field to specify the answer.

Meal Count

Many schools that participate in child nutrition programs have to keep meal counts for each classroom and for each meal. Create a Meal Count Form and Activity, so Instructors can easily record these. Add your Class name, date, and numbers for each meal.


Set up announcements for birthdays, family or school events, etc. Add an Activity Form that includes all the details (date, time, location, etc.).

Customer or Instructor Requests

Add an Activity/Activity Form that collects requests from either Customers or Instructors, including next year's enrollment, what classes they are interested in, when an Instructor will be off, etc.

Immunization Records/Vaccine Card

Many businesses require immunization records for students enrolled. You can include an Activity Form with questions or upload a Policy Document that Account Holders can download in the Customer Portal.

Class Transfer Request

You may want to have an Activity where customers can request a transfer out of a class. Add an Activity Form with a list of classes to transfer in and out of, as well as a text box asking for the reason for the transfer.


Sooner or later, you will have an Enrollee who withdraws from your Program for one reason or another. Make a simple form each Enrollee/Account Holder can fill out. You can ask for the name(s) of the children withdrawing, the effective date, whether a two-week notice is/will be given, the parent's name, and the current date.

Intake Notes

Directors may need to include notes on an Enrollee's account. You can add a form to upload a document containing notes or add fields like an email (subject line, message, and salutation).

Incident Report

Create an Incident Report so your Instructors can fill it out directly after the Incident, and it's available on the Customer Portal right then. You can use your existing company Incident Report or a state form (if available in your state) as a guide to creating your own form.

Permission Request

Create a permission request form outlining what the permission is for (field trip, medicine, etc.) and fields for contact information.

Food Allergy Forms

Include a "File Upload" Activity Form for customers to upload a food allergy form.

Infant Feeding

If you're a preschool with infants, you have to keep track of feeding times. Here is a simple way to do that. Make an Activity Form that Instructors can fill out at meal times. Here we have asked about the type of food, the quantity, and the next feeding.

Diaper Change

Preschools with infants also have to keep up with diaper changes. Create a simple diaper-changing Form and Activity that shows up on the Enrollee's timeline. You can make it as simple as a multiple-select question (i.e., "Reason for diaper change") and a space for notes.

These are only SOME of the possible Activities you can create! If you need assistance in creating a form, just let us know on the chat button and we'll try to help!

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