If you do not want to implement any coding, you may opt for a simple link for you to share freely. When a user clicks on your link, it will take them directly to your survey.

  1. After you have created your survey (more information on survey creating can be found here) click on the "Launch Survey" tab in the upper right corner of the screen 

2. Choose "Link/QR" code as the touchpoint type 

3. Click on the "next" arrow on the bottom right corner of the screen to move forward

4. After choosing "Link/QR code" as the touchpoint for your survey you will be directed to either creating a new Link/Qr code or choosing an existing one. Note that you can also select an existing link and override the active survey with a new one

5. Move to "options" to choose your new link or an existing one. From this page you can already copy the link or download the QR code 

NOTE If you want to publish the survey in an already existing link then select "I Want To Use An Existing Link Instead", select the link or links that you wish the survey to be published in. Then select the green arrow at the bottom of the screen to proceed to the next step.

6. Move to "Launch Schedule" from the bottom part of the page

7. Here you can choose wether you wish to "Launch Immediately" or "Schedule To Launch Later" (if you wish to schedule please check out this article) 

8. After choosing to "Launch Immediately" move to "Confirmation" - here you should have a look that everything is set up correctly and you can find the link again 

9. Go to "Launch" and your survey will be live on your link/QR code so all you need to do is to share your link/QR code to anyone you wish to get feedback from by simply copying and pasting 

If you want to copy the URL (address link) then take a look at the following article
"Where can I find the link / survey ID (identification)".

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