How the Notification Rules work

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With Feedbackly tool you can set up notification rules that enables you to get email notifications on your feedbacks. You can set up the notifications to be sent when defined parameters are fulfilled in the feedback. 

1. Go to "Notification Rules" tab from the left hand side management panel

2. Click "Create A New Notification" 

3. Start of by naming your notification rule (for example Customer service notification)

4. Choose the survey from "Recent Surveys" list that you would like to get feedback notifications from

5. Enter the email address or addresses of where the notification emails you want the emails to be sent 

6. Select the touchpoint (where your survey is active or multiple one's if the survey is active in more than one touchpoint) you want to be notified about

7. Check "Include All Available Questions In The Notification Message" box if you would like to have all the survey questions included to the notification email

8. Set the time for when the notification email should be triggered to send after the rule conditions have been met

  • We recommend choosing a delay time of more than one minute, so that all feedback that meets the rule conditions is sent to the recipient in a single email notification

9. Move to the upper part of the page and click on the "Set/Modify Notification Conditions" tab on the right hand side of the screen

10. Start adding condition rule(s)

11. Set up the rules for what types of feedbacks you want to be notified about

  • There are two different types of rules: and / or

    And- rule demands that all rule conditions have been met. Or- rule demands that at least one of the rule conditions have been met

12. When you are done with the rules click on the "Activate Notification Rule" on the upper right hand side of the page. 

13. Click "Activate Notification Rule" and you are all set to start receiving notifications on your feedbacks 

You can edit already created notification rules by clicking first from the "Notification Rules" tab from the left hand side management panel and then "Manage Existing Notifications"

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