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Testing your survey in a live environment
Testing your survey in a live environment

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A quick tip on how to test it before setting it live for your audience

Note that these instructions apply only to the Web Widget touchpoint type.

First, read this article on how to set up your triggering parameters for your survey

1. Create a dummy target page trigger such as #testing-feedbackly. Set your target audience to 100%

2. Remove all possible "Timing" triggers you might have (which delays the survey triggering normally)

3. Click "Save" from the upper right hand corner

4. Visit your website and add #testing-feedbackly at the end of your url. For instance

5. If you have typed the target page url correctly, and ensured that the target audience is set to 100%, the survey is displayed for you in the live environment

6. Add additional triggering parameters such as timing, arrived from to site etc. When done testing, just change the target page trigger to a real one from #testing-feedbackly, and set the target audience to the level you wish

Please note that any feedback you give with this testing will be recorded to your dashboard and results. Read more here about deleting feedback rows.

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