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I'm not able to exit the survey / get back to the homescreen
I'm not able to exit the survey / get back to the homescreen
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The terminal is usually not locked if it is in a supervised area such as:

  • Check-out counter

  • In a one-to-one staff and customer situation

The terminal is usually locked in situations where you would want to avoid that third parties change the settings or reset the terminal. Even by accessing the home button you can not exit the survey.  Such as:

  • Busy areas with little or no staff supervision

  • Schools

Sometimes there is an complicated issue that includes the following:

  • The iPad or survey is not working properly and needs to be reset

  • The survey lock is active 

  • Internet connection issues hinders Feedbackly support from accessing the terminal remotely

In this case try the following: unplug the terminal from the power outlet and let it run empty, when the terminal is completely dark and does not respond to anything, then plug it back into the power outlet. 

When the terminal starts the internet connection will be refreshed and start working again. If not then contact 

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