A new alternative way to collect feedback with Feedbackly terminals has been developed for Feedbackly's product.

We have added a new way of collecting feedback, where the respondent does not have to touch the feedback terminal as the feedback provider can give feedback from their own device, for example, from their own smartphone.

To activate Touchless mode for the Feedback terminal(s), follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "Touchpoints" tab on the left side of the dashboard

2. Select the "Feedback Terminal" tab and click the terminal to which you want to activate Touchless mode

3. Click "Activate Touchless Mode" at the bottom of the page

Touchless mode displays you instructions on how you can answer the survey on your smartphone.

4. Remember to save your changes after editing

Note that this feature requires a constant internet connection, otherwise the screen will go offline and a survey will appear on the screen. If this happens, the feedback terminal must be restarted for the feedback terminal to go back online. To read in detail how to restart you terminal, press here. If the steps did not work or you have other questions, please contact our customer support at support@feedbackly.com or via chat and we will help with you issue.

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