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Here you can find the latest product updates summarized in one article. To read more about the specific update, just click the link associated with it and it will take you to the specific article with more information.

  • Updated navigation bar - we re-organized the navigation bar for more user friendly product navigation

  • Emotional Experience and Emotional Value Index - the next big thing in CX since the NPS - read more here and start collecting feedback on emotions today

  • Customizable Dashboards- when Feedbackly basic analytics is not enough and you want your own look and feel and a larger chart library - we got you covered. Contact us and we'll walk you through the options.

  • Feedbackly <3 Salesforce - trigger your Feedbackly surveys from Salesforce and take the feedback data back to your accounts. Easy setup and the whole thing automated! Talk to us to get set up!

  • Sending feedback data to Google Tag Manager - easily send all or specific data points to GTM and use the valuable CX data as a part of other data sources in Google Analytics

  • Word choice bar charts with % distribution - whether your analysing your data per day, touchpoint, month, or even year, you can now hover over the bar charts of word choice questions and get the individual % distributions of your results

  • Data loading enhancement - we speeded things up a bit and now you can load massive amounts of data into your reports

  • Update in Feedbackly Privacy Policy - we no longer offer prize draws to our customers and have removed this from our privacy policies altogether. Read the most up to date Privacy Policy from here

  • Touchless mode for Feedbackly terminals - We have added a new way of collecting feedback, where the respondent does not have to touch the feedback terminal and for example can give feedback from their own smartphone. Read more on how to activate touchless mode for Feedbackly terminals

Live long and prosper. Farewell Mr. Spock | Leonard Nimoy, b… | Flickr

Yes, this release pays homage to the biggest Star Trek fan we know, our Director of Customer Acquisition!

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