If you have an existing survey then you can copy it and use it as a template for other surveys.

1. Log in to your Dashboard

2. Click the "Collect" and then "Surveys" tab

3. Choose tab where your survey is or click "All" tab

On the right side you will find a circle containing three dots. Press the circle to open the dropdown menu

4. In the dropdown menu click "Copy" and name your survey. Click "Save" when you are done

Copying a survey to another team

As an Admin you can copy a survey to "lower" parts in the team hierarchy. Follow the same steps as above and when you click "Copy" then select "Put Survey In Team" and click the team you wish to copy the survey too.

If you wish to change the name later on then press the same circle and select "Rename Survey", rename the survey and press "Save".

  • If you want to move a touchpoint to another team then follow these steps

  • If you want to change the survey on your Feedbackly iPad App then follow these steps

  • Link/QR setup and publishing steps can be found here

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