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Manually move a pin to a new location

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Sometimes a pin drop of a location doesn't match the physical location. There are many reasons for this, but you can move a pin drop to its correct location from within a customer's Location page.

Key Points

  • Edit a customer's Location page

  • Click the View Map link under the location's city in the Address section

  • Zoom in or out as necessary

  • Click and drag the pin drop to the correct location

This is a feature specifically for those of you who are: 

  • in a hilly area (Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco...)

  • on an island

  • in an area where addresses are not posted, (Lomax, Traverse City)

  • or Google does not have the location coordinates in their database

When getting directions in the mobile app, Fieldwork uses GPS coordinates from Google to place a pin drop, not the physical property address. If the coordinates from Google are incorrect, edit the Map Pin in the customer's Service Location.

In the customer's Location Page, move the a location pin. Under the city entry, click View Map

A map appears with the pin dropped. (If there's no street address or zip code it will drop the pin in the middle of the town/zip code.)

Click the pin, and drag & drop it at the service location, and click OK

When the tech taps the address on our mobile app, the pin drop will be at that location.

Note A message may appear in the mobile map stating: "Directions end at closest road to destination." This means the map is following along with your pin drop location and can't provide an address for you. In this scenario, this is expected.

If your pin drop ends up off the coast of Nigeria, Africa
When Google can't handle where you dropped the pin, it puts it in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Nigeria. (The actual location is the cross section between the equator and the Greenwich meridian.)

If you try to go into great detail on the first try - it loses your spot and you have to start over. Drop the pin near the location, save it and then enlarge the map to pin it more accurately.

Island note
If you are operating on an island you might need to update the service location address to accurately pin the map. This means putting the island name in the City field and the two-digit country code in the State field. For example:

City: Virgin Islands
State: US

City: Cayman Islands
State: KY

Also watch this video: How to Move a Location Pin on Fieldwork's Map

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