Technician Tracking is available in the Business and Pro subscription plans. You can view and upgrade your subscription at Settings/Billing & Subscription.

In the Calendar you can follow the path the tech takes through out the course of the day. Sometimes you may think the path is not accurate or it's not updating as fast as you would like.

Consider the following: 

  1. The most common reason is the tech has Fieldwork location services set for Only when using Fieldwork. When set for Only when using Fieldwork, and the tech exits the app, the tech is 'frozen' at that location until the tech reopens the app later in the day.

    For more information about enabling location services, see Mobile Location Settings - how to enable

  2. Is the tech turning off the phone in between jobs? The tech will show as being where he/she was when the phone was turned off. When the phone comes back on the pin in the Calendar map is updated.

  3. It the tech in an area where the signal drops out?

    Search the Internet to see how good the carrier's reception is in that area.

  4. Is the tech deep inside a building surrounded by cinder block? No signal leaves the building.

  5. Is the area rural or is the tech in a new housing development?

    Google sometimes has difficulties with mapping rural areas or quickly mapping new developments. Go on a real estate website and enter the address; if it's a new development Google might not have that information yet.

  6. Does the tech have a consistent area to work in?

    If the tech is in new territory numbers 1 and 2 above could apply, or the tech could just be lost.

  7. If it's just happening now and it hasn't happened before, it could be Google is having server issues. But this is very unlikely.

  8. Is the tech hanging out at a location (Burger King?) for a very long time?

  9. Verify that location settings are not being changed on the mobile device.

  10. If the pin drop hasn't moved in some time it could be the tech left the device behind (Starbucks?).

Usually it comes down to one of five things:

  • Location Services is turned off on the mobile device or not enabled to be always on

  • The device is turned off

  • The device is in AirPlane Mode

  • The Internet in the location they are servicing is not good

  • The tech left the device behind

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August 2017
Updated, October 2017

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