Enable Location Settings on Android or iOS

Key Points

  • Enable Location Settings on Android

  • Enable Location Settings on iOS

  • Features not available in the mobile app. if location services is not enabled

How to enable Location Settings on Android

  1. On your Home screen, tap the Settings icon

  2. Tap Location

  3. Ensure the Use Location switch at the top right is on

  4. Tap App permission

  5. Tap Fieldwork

  6. Tap Allow all the time

How to enable Location Settings on iOS

  1. Tap Settings

  2. Tap Privacy

  3. Tap Location Services

  4. If Location Services is off, slide the white ball to the right

  5. Regardless of it being on or off, tap it and scroll down to Fieldwork

  6. Make sure either While Using the App or Always has a check mark next to it.

If location services is not enabled, certain features will not be available in the mobile app:

  • Work Pool

  • Environment Fetch

  • Driving directions

And in the browser Calendar map, the tech's location will not be available. 

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