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Calendar search by street, city, or zip code
Calendar search by street, city, or zip code

Easily find and arrange appointments geographically

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Search the online Calendar for Work Orders using street, city, or zip code in month, week, and day views in the calendar.

Key Points

  • schedule new appointments around existing appointments 

  • optimize your routes by day

  • optimize your routes by location

  • optimize your routes by day and location

The search box is in the upper-right corner of the Calendar.

In this example below we have three appointments scheduled.

Enter a zip code, city or street address, press Enter, and the appointments matching the search are highlighted in golden yellow.

Select all your techs and look for highlights across two or more routes for better optimization of their time. You can then manually optimize the scheduling of with existing appointments or with scheduling new customers ("we're going to be in your area on...")

Also, when you're in Day View in the Calendar and you have the map open, if the map is focused in one area and you search for another area, the map will move to that search area automatically. 

Tip To search for something else, such as a name, in the calendar, press CTRL + f (Windows) or Command (⌘) + f (Macintosh) and type in your search. 

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