In our Reports > Completed Work Order Details you can find all your Callback appointments by using the Date Filter and filtering Callback = Yes. This shows you the tech who serviced the Callback. To find the original tech for that service:

  1. In the report click the Location Name

    2. Click the Service History tab and look at the appointment before the callback for
        the same service (most likely a one-timer)

In this example, the Service History tab shows two, 1-time Rodent Exclusion services. The original one was done by Mike on March 1, the Callback was done by Beau on March 19. Also check the Technician Notes tab for each service. There might be information in there explaining why a second visit was necessary. 

When approaching the original tech be gentle. Retraining is better for your local economy than firing.

Tip If the Callback is still scheduled look in the Work Order tab for it. Toggle back and forth between the Work Order tab and the Service History tab to match the two services.

Going forward, if a customer wants a callback you might want to take the time to note who did the original service in the Service Instructions tab and why the callback is necessary. You can then use the CALL LIST report and look in the Service Instructions column to quantify the 'reasons why'. 

This article appeared in a Feature Friday email on March 23, 2018.

March 2018

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