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Configure your app

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Use Settings to configure your app.

Key Points

  • Enable Offline Mode

  • Track Technician Route

  • Enable Background tracking (Update tracking setting on iOS)

  • Upload Image Quality

  • Disable In-App Sound

  • Clear Cached Static Lists

  • View app Version

Use Settings to Configure your App

Toggle Offline Mode On or Off. This is for Work Orders only. All of the other app functions require an Internet connection.

Track Technician Route syncs your location to the server every 30 seconds. Enable Background tracking tracks when the app is in the background or the phone is locked. On iOS devices you must update the tracking setting

Upload image quality, keep this percentage towards the low side for faster uploading (and less wear on your battery) to the server.

Disable In-App Sound when sending emails scanning devices, etc.

Clear Cached Static Lists removes all cached data listed. The data will be re-fetched as needed.

Version. This is the version of the app. If you are having problems and contact us, we most likely will ask what version of the app you are running.

This concludes the Fieldwork Office Getting Started Guide.

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