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Includes Stripe, PDF usage, photos, and more

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Admin - can't see other routes on mobile appBy design the mobile app is a reporting tool
Adobe Acrobat does not open when tapping PDF file in mobile appClear the cached documents in Adobe Reader
Adobe PDF files on iOS - how to save it (and get that green check mark)In the mobile app, share the original document from Acrobat Reader to Fieldwork
Android App Clear Data and CacheYour data has gone stale
Android - Installing apps from unknown sourcesError Message - For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Android Market.
Android - mobile app functionality is inconsistentIf Android app stops working try these steps to troubleshoot
Android - troubleshooting printing issues
Auto-filling Material information in the mobile appEliminate incorrect Material entries in your Work Orders & reports
Apply a new QR code/Bar Code to a device without losing historical dataDo it from the mobile app
Applying unpaid payments on mobile appBy design, this feature is not available in the original Fieldwork mobile app
Auto-Install settingsHow to manage apps automatically updating on your devices
Block time - not viewable in the original mobile appMake a Work Order
Building number - how to view it on the mobile appEdit the Location Name in the Edit Location page
Colors and letters in mobile app appointmentsThe letter and color come from Settings/Calendar & Time
Complete & PrintWhen it does not show in the Mobile app
Customer's Credit Card DeclinedTech gets text, email goes to email address entered in Settings/Company Information
Devices - accidentally marked on Mobile appHow do I unmark it?
Environment fields aren't in the mobile appActivate them in Settings/Work Orders
Error message - Stripe charge cannot proceed paymentStripe needs an email address
"Fieldwork" Would Like to Access the CameraWhat to do next if you tap Don't Allow
iOS TroubleshootingIssues include too many apps running, not enough storage...
Let techs know they can service an account anytimeCreate a Status, change the Location Name or create a service
Let the staff & tech know to call ahead before arriving at a locationCreate a Status, change the Location Name or create a service
Materials in mobile app - locations used not availableSave & Exit the Work Order <-This is very important
Mobile Location Settings - how to enableEnable Location Settings on Android or iOS
Mobile app is continuously loadingCheck Internet service; check your email address, make sure the tech and customer are in the same branch
Mobile - Red Box Sync ErrorNeed a more solid Internet signal
Mobile app does not show updated informationTech needs to Refresh, Reload Data or both
Notes in the mobile appWhere do Service Instructions and Location Note come from?
Photos - adding extras not taken in the appAdd additional photos stored on the mobile app device
Photos - how to view those taken in mobile appView photos on the computer; they're stored in the Work Order
Reschedule appointments on mobile appCancel existing appointment and create a new Work Order
Scanning devices every other visitCreate separate service locations for each service frequency, or create a Trap Condition to skip it
See all the routes on a mobile deviceIt's easier to use the web browser on the mobile device
Which mobile app version do I have?And how do I know it's the latest version?
Closing options in mobile appHow to choose which of the five options available when closing a Work Order
Take screen shots on your mobile devicePressing a couple of buttons will take a photo of your screen