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Android App Clear Data and Cache
Android App Clear Data and Cache

Your data has gone stale

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The process of data handling in Android OS can impact the database table of mobile applications. Android hangs on to data longer than it should and that data gets stale.

For Fieldwork, updates tend to impact materials use, target pests list, target areas, locations, conditions, recommendations...

Key Points

  • To clear the cache, go to the Android Home Screen

  • When you get into Fieldwork setting, tap CLEAR DATA and Clear Cache

  1. To clear the cache, go to the Android Home Screen

  2. Tap Settings

  3. Scroll down and tap Application manager (or Apps)

  4. Scroll down and tap Fieldwork

  5. Tap Storage


  7. Tap DELETE

  8. Notice the Data and Cache are back at zero, all should be well

Also watch this video:

For more information about Android and clearing cache and data, see Android - Mobile app functionality is inconsistent

Note Clearing the Android cache is no longer necessary in the Android Fieldwork Office app. For more information see: Fieldwork Office - Getting Started Guide

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