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Block time in the Calendar
Block time in the Calendar

Vacation or day off: select [X] All day; office meeting or Drs appointment select day and time

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Block an entire day in a tech's Calendar by clicking [X] All day in the Block Time dialog box. Block a portion of a day by selecting the date and start/end times.

Key Points

  • Block a whole day or more than a day in the Calendar

  • Block a portion of a day

  • Delete Block Time

How to block more than 1 day in the Calendar:

  1. From the Dashboard, click Calendar

  2. Click the down arrow to the right of Create Work Order

  3. Click Block Time

4. Click [X] All day

5. Click From Date and Due Date to block the days

6. Click Assigned to and select the tech

7. Click Save 

Note Block time appears/disappears as the user is toggled on/off in the Routes tab on the right side of the Calendar.

To block a period of time on a given day: enter a name, select the day, enter start time and end time, and assigned to.

To delete Block time, click it in the Calendar...

and click the red garbage can.

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