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Inventory Optimization Overview
Inventory Optimization Overview

What is Inventory Optimization and what can it do for your business?

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Market demand changes impact your product's sales velocity, and if you only use the merchant’s tools it can be difficult to make meaningful proactive adjustments to your inventory or your advertising spend.

Flywheel already helps you create new campaigns using a combination of AI and sales data - and with Inventory Optimization, we provide dashboard highlights and tools layering inventory data with sales data. By activating Inventory Optimization, Flywheel will calculate a Rate of Sale for all FBA & WFS held products to power the insights.

Overview video:

Using Flywheel’s Inventory Optimization will help you answer these types questions:

  • How is my business doing overall? Where do I start?

  • What products should I adjust my advertising strategy?

    • Depending on your business goals, you could start to review products with a high rate of sale and are not advertised; or products with a low sell through rate that are unadvertised.

    • Other combinations of calculations and insight for Rate of Sale can help determine if you want to adjust, either increase or decrease, your advertising spend.

    • Review the Inventory Dashboard to understand what key business metrics are being calculated

    • Review the Demand Forecast detailing anticipated remaining days of inventory remaining, and the predicted upcoming demand; and check out the new Recommendation Hub Inventory specific items highlighting a few opportunities.

  • Will I have enough stock to cover upcoming demand?

    • Review the current Demand Forecast for all instock products detailing anticipated remaining days of inventory based on your product’s Rate of Sale and upcoming demand

  • What products are stagnant, SKUs with no recent sales?

  • What products are recently trending in sales; both up and down?

    • Create a customized insight for Rate of Sale with automated anomaly detection alerting you via email notifications which products to review - allowing you to focus on inventory adjustments and potential changes in associated active linked campaigns

  • What products are out of stock; and how much are the estimated missed sales?

    • Enable notifications to review Out of Stock items; the card highlights the products impacted allowing you to review impacts to active linked campaigns

  • When should I reorder more stock / when should I send more stock to the merchant?

    • Enable notifications and create a customized Reorder / Stockout insight targeting projected stockout dates to identify products with less than a specified number of days available or reminder for a reorder point prior to your products meeting a specified remainder days of inventory

  • What is the pricing?

    • Flat $299/month with the first month free!

  • How do I activate?

    • Message us today, or the account owner can activate the free trial from the Inventory splash page

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