I can't get into an event

What to do if you can't get into an event

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I can’t get into an event

Make sure you have the correct link! The organizer of the event should have provided you with a link directly to Gatheround. Reach out to your event organizer if you don't have one.

If you have the link and still can’t get in, there are a couple of possible issues:

  1. Your camera and microphone may not be detected. Gatheround requires a working camera and microphone in order to participate in an event. For more information on how to troubleshoot camera and microphone issues check out our Help Center article.

  2. The event may be over capacity. If this is the case you should be seeing a notification when you attempt to join that says the event is at capacity. We recommend contacting your event organizer and letting them know - they can often increase the capacity of the event by contacting us.

  3. The link may be broken or copied incorrectly when it was sent to you. We recommend getting a new link from the event organizer.

If none of these are working and you have the correct link: Please try using a different browser or device to access the event. If none of that works, let us know!

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