🖥 In this webinar, we will show you all the new improvements we uploaded to the Golfmanager Software in August 2021.

In Golfmanager, we keep working to improve your experience as a manager.

Therefore, every week we develop new features that we want you to be informed about so you can get the most out of them. 🙌

🎓 Help Articles and Product Tours

We've added a link to a help article and a Product Tour to the header below the title of every configuration page.

We have merged all the help articles we had into one per page to make it easier to learn everything you need to know about that topic.

In long articles, we have added a "Menu", at the top, so you can go directly to the section of the article you are interested in. We have tried to explain each point by adding examples for better understanding.

💡 We recommend all users to read as many articles as possible in order to master Golfmanager perfectly and get the most out of it.

What is a Product Tour and how will it help you?

We have also added a Product Tour to every page. This is a step-by-step guide on how to complete a new registration. This tool will be very useful the first time you land on a new page, or when you have forgotten how it works.

The Product Tour will show you where to click and explain in detail what each step means. You can repeat the product tour as many times as you like.

Now, we are working so hard on doing the same thing we have in the Configuration Menu, also for the Main Menu. We will keep you posted on its progress.

🔐 Strong passwords

You can now add more password security for your employees (users) to access your platform. Previously you could choose the minimum number of characters each user had to have in their password, but now the following has been added:

  • Change every N days: The system forces you to change the password every N days.

  • Do not reuse for N days: The system does not allow you to use a previous password used in N days.

  • Prevent personal data: The system makes sure that you do not use your name or email as a password, which is considered unsafe.

  • Require lower case: The system asks you to have at least one lowercase letter.

  • Require uppercase: The system asks you to have at least one capital letter.

  • Require numbers: The system asks you to have at least one number.

  • Require special characters. The system asks you to have at least one special character.

You can find these new options under Settings Menu > Security > Passwords.

📷 New photos added to the booking type

Your app, and widget will look spectacular. Haven't you seen it yet?

🎁 "Packages" added to the online booking engine menu

When we first released this feature a few months ago, a few golf courses were using it that we decided not to add it to the menu.

Now that it is becoming more and more common, we have decided to add it to the menu of your online booking area (what we call "consumer"). Ask for help in support to explain how the packages work.

💳 Changes to the promo code

Previously, the promo code counted the number of uses of a coupon per cart. In other words, if you had 1 coupon with a 20% discount, it was applied to the whole cart regardless of the number of products.

Now, this has changed to counting products and not carts. That is, if you had a balance of "1 coupon with 20% discount", this will be applied to only 1 product in the cart.

The change is due to the fact that we see that the use of the promo code is more frequent in this second way. For example: if you play 5 times we will give you the 6th reservation for free. In addition, this type of offer can now be automated with our Marketing inOne partners.

📊 New billing report

A few weeks ago, we launched a new, more useful and powerful billing report. In this new version, we have added in the field "alerts", if there are past advances that have not been canceled. This way, you can switch products, improve your accounting, and save on taxes.

#️⃣ Rounding off the base product

If you are one of those who have several tariffs connected to each other to save a lot of time in tariff configuration, you have good news. Now, you will be able to choose the type of rounding to make the amounts you sell attractive to your customers and employees.

👤 Tag filters in booking packages

Previously all booking packages (multipacks) were shown to all customer types. Now, the system looks at the tags of the booking types that make up that package to show or hide these multipacks to the customer. This way, you can have multipacks for visitors, subscribers, or tour operators and everyone will see the ones that apply to them.

🧾 Billing series in the payment method

Until now, after making a payment in Golfmanager, the system took into account the cashbox of that moment to assign a billing series to that ticket.

Now, being able to add in the configuration of the payment method a specific billing series, the system will ignore the cashbox series at the moment of the payment and will assign one of the payment methods, if it has been configured.

If this field is not filled in the payment method configuration, the system will continue to act as usual.

This change has been made because some golf courses close credit sales in a different way than usual. On the one hand, the club can leave that credit sale pending payment, or it can create a new form of payment "Credit" to close it like any other payment. But of course, these closed credit sales with a collection have to go in a different billing series than cash and card, so with this option, the need is covered.

🙈 Crossings hidden in the booking list of the customer's online profile

In the past, a player's bookings and their crossings were displayed. Now, the crossings are hidden, leaving a more simplified and intuitive list.

🎨 New Golfmanager Login Page

We released a new Golfmanager login page

🏨 Integration with HOST (PMS)

The integration with PMS HOST is now available. The connection will allow you to make room charges from the Golfmanager POS to a room in the hotel software.

👨🏻‍🦱 Roles. Update paid booking type

Previously, we had blocked the possibility to move a paid booking because updating the booking meant creating a discrepancy between the ticket and sales data and the already modified booking.

Many of you have asked us to be able to move paid bookings, despite creating these discrepancies. For this reason, we have created a feature that allows you to move paid bookings, which can be activated depending on the user's role. With this feature, the booking is modified but the ticket and the sales line remain the same.

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