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How to create a study plan (legacy)
How to create a study plan (legacy)

Course authors can create a study plan to set when sections and assessments open and set a due date and weightings for assessments.

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This article is for authors who are creating or editing legacy courses. If you are using tasks please see this version of this article. Not sure if you are using a legacy or tasks course? Read our article to find out.

As the person who creates a course you may also have a plan for how that course should be delivered and at what pace. The study plan in Create allows you to set up relative section and assessment dates that will automatically flow through once the start date is chosen when activating the course.

How to:

We recommend that you complete the study plan once you have created all your content pages and added all you assessment items.

View the study plan by clicking Study Plan in the left hand Create menu
You will see all sections and any quizzes or assessments that are contained within your course.

Stagger opening dates for individual sections by updating the “Opens beginning of” day
All courses begin on “Day 1". Enter the day on which you want the section to open, relative to this. For example, you can set a section to open at the beginning of the second week by entering “Day 8”. Note that the first section always opens on Day 1, and once a section opens it can’t close until the end of the course.

Save your study plan so that it’s part of the course
Once you are happy with your plan click Update. When the course is published, these relative dates stay with the course. Each time the course is activated, and an actual Start Date is chosen, these relative dates will automatically flow through and be used by iQualify to determine the dates of the rest of the events in the course. These can be edited by the person setting up the course, but are a great way to automatically set dates with the right time-frames on a course each time it’s activated, rather than doing it manually.

Activating your course
Where a study plan has been added the toggle for Stagger the opening dates of course sections? will by default be set to Yes. The relative dates set up in the study plan will flow through once the course start date is chosen. These dates can be reviewed and edited if needed.

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