This article is a quick look at what you can see and do when you're creating a class activation with iQualify. We've tried to keep this as a one-page overview, so we've included links out to more information throughout if you need it.

What is an activation?

An activation is essentially a live class of learners. When a course is published (by the author), that published version can be activated. The same course can have multiple activations. Check out this video for an explanation of the distinction between course content and a class activation.

Activating a course

When you've got manage permissions, you'll see the option to activate on a course card.

You can then set up specifics for that activation.

  • Details - course name and description, overview, talk channels.

  • Payment - creating a public page to allow anyone to join.

  • Dates - opening/closing dates for the course and sections.
    Task course:
    - Course end date
    - Start dates of modules
    - Open and due dates for quiz and assessments
    Non-tasks course (Legacy):
    - Start dates of modules
    - Course end date cannot be edited
    - Quiz and Assessments are not visible and therefore quiz or assessment dates cannot be edited.

  • Access - adding learners, facilitators, coaches.

  • Badge - badge image and standards for learners that complete the course.

  • Media - cover photo and course trailer.

  • Content - lists the content of the course (can only be changed in the course, not when creating an activation).

You can also edit parts of an activation once you've activated it. Just select the three dots by Activations and choose the one you want to manage.

Other help

When logged into iQualify you can access tours and our knowledge base from the Help menu. Our tours will guide you step by step and show you around. See our In-app tours available by role article to find out more. You can also talk to our helpful support team via in-app chat or you can email

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