Quick start guide for facilitators (using legacy courses)

An overview of the some of the tools and features available to facilitators.

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This article is for facilitators who are supporting learners using legacy courses.  If you are using tasks please see this version of this article. Quick start guide for facilitators.
If you are not sure if you are using legacy or tasks take a look at How can I tell if my course is a legacy or tasks course?

Welcome to iQualify!

There are heaps of resources here to help you get started.

We've put together some key articles below as a start and there are plenty more in our knowledge base. Either browse or search to find what you need. You can also access our knowledge base by clicking on Help from under your avatar in iQualify.

In-app support
When logged into iQualify you can access tours and our knowledge base from the Help menu. Our tours will guide you step by step and show you around. See our our In-app tours available by role article to find out more.

Big picture
Overview of how courses are run in iQualify
Overview of roles in iQualify  
Creating a facilitation plan and template

Feedback and marking
Keeping track of learner progress
How to give feedback on activities
Assessment types
How to view and mark assessments
Viewing quiz results
Managing extensions
Exporting data

An overview of badges (micro-credentials)
Awarding and approving badges

We hope you find these resources helpful. 

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