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Main facilitator role
Main facilitator role

How a manager can give someone main facilitator permissions and an overview of the extra permissions that gives a facilitator.

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There are a couple of extra things that a main facilitator can do that a facilitator can't. This article will cover how a person with manage permissions can create a main facilitator and also give an overview of the main facilitator role.

How to give someone main facilitator permissions

As a person with manage permissions when activating a class and adding your facilitators, you can set the toggle to ON to make a person a main facilitator.

Another way that a person can be added as a main facilitator is via the class management feature. If this is enabled when an author publishes a new tasks course, they will have the option to activate a class for this course and they will automatically be added as a main facilitator.

What is the difference between a main facilitator and a facilitator?
In addition to all the things a facilitator can do, a main facilitator can manage their class. They see the options to add learners, facilitators, coaches and edit dates. These options are accessed from the Class console (for tasks courses) or Class (for legacy activity and assessment courses) page.

As a Main facilitator your name and a bio will be displayed on the learner's course overview page. See more info on How to use facilitator bios to introduce yourself to your learners.

See our quick start guide for facilitators for more information on the facilitator role.

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