The iQualify settings area of iQualify allows the account owner(s) of an organisation to manage their global iQualify settings and the permissions of users.  Take our Overview of iQualify settings tour by clicking on Help when logged into iQualify or see some more information below.

Go to iQualify Settings under your avatar (profile icon) in the top right corner of iQualify

Once you're in any of the separate iQualify settings areas (Identity, Feature settings etc.) you can use the green menu on the left of the screen, to open the iQualify settings menu again.

The following articles discuss the different features that can be configured by the Account Owner of an organisation: 

User management
Contact details
Welcome message and T&Cs
Support information
Learner accounts
Facilitator permissions
Talk channels
Setting up Single Sign on (SSO)
Google Analytics
Overview of Integration
Overview of the Event Hub
Introduction to using our API

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