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Ideas for blended learning - 8 - Questions for a facilitator to answer in class
Ideas for blended learning - 8 - Questions for a facilitator to answer in class

Different ideas for including a space for learner questions which can be discussed in class.

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Having a space in your online class for learners to ask questions is an easy way to link online and offline and can be easier for learners who are nervous of asking in class.


If you know you want to gather questions at particular points in the content, an in-page discussion is for you.

Image showing example of In-page discussion

However another option that is less-tied to content would be to use a talk channel specifically for questions. One of the advantages here is that you and learners can "subscribe" so you get email updates with new posts.

Image showing new post in Talk channel
Image showing example of Talk channel post

Using likes is one easy way you could let learners "vote" to see which one should be discussed in class.

Image showing vote option in Talk channel post

Or, if there hasn't been loads of engagement in that channel, but you want to reach all the learners in the class, you might opt for a pulse instead.


Adding a set of tasks into your online course allows...

  • Learners who might be nervous about asking in class to ask online.

  • Learners to see that others have the same question as them.

  • Learners to answer each other's questions.

  • Learners to vote on which question to focus on.


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